X-OOM Music Clean

X-OOM Music Clean 5.0

A very intuitive tool to remove unwanted noises from your audio records
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5.0.0 (See all)

This product is intended to be used by the average user, this is, a music enthusiast who wants to convert all of his old music collection (like LP, vinyl discs or tape records) in digital audio files.
If you are a beginner user, you can try the Cleaning Wizard mode, a simplified interface of this great software. Select to record directly from your record player or tape deck, or import your favorite audio file to clean it up with familiar operations like "declicker", "decrackler", "denoiser" and so on.
Anyway, when you finish this wizard, you can burn your tracks into an audio CD or save them as .wav, .ogg, .wma, .mp3 or .au files.
If you are familiarized with such audio editing programs, you will be absolutely comfortable with the user interface in the "normal" mode. Try to open any audio file directly in this program and you will feel like you are in SoundForge. Really! I can swear it. It is very similar, but somehow simplified, with a clearer menu system with descriptive icons.
You will achieve very good results with this software, really.

Review summary


  • Excellent results achieved with almost no knowledge
  • The menus are very clear, decorated with related icons
  • Operations are simple and understandable


  • The import feature of the wizard lacks a "preview" function
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